Making Mock Trial Tournament Hosting Easy.

No More Manual Tabrooms

Tabulating a tournament by hand is difficult, tedious, and error-prone. Tabeasy can change that.

Free, Fast, Automated Tabulation System

Pairing generation, ballot collection, & award calculation, all within seconds.

User Testimonials:

"I’ve judged at two Tabeasy competitions, administrating the second, and I don’t see any need to use a different system. If you have a couple hours, an internet connection, and a love for this great activity, you owe it to your colleagues, students, and self to try Tabeasy."

— Iain Lampert, 2 times AMTA winner
"I’m extremely grateful to Carl for developing Tabeasy — a superb mock trial tabulation tool. Using it for three tournaments, everything was smooth, and it certainly saved us a tremendous amount of time."

— Max Wang, Director of PPMT, Biggest Chinese MT Tournament
I cannot speak more highly of Tabeasy. I’ve seen a lot of different tab softwares on the circuit, and this is the only one I’ve used that makes competitions easy for competitors, tab staff, and judges. The interface is extremely user friendly and makes it so much easier to monitor all aspects of hosting from start to finish.

— Riya Lakkaraju, All-American Attorney & Witness

Try it now!

Tabeasy is made to be completely free of charge. If you plan to host a tournament on Tabeasy, please contact Carl Guo @ carlguo[at]mit[dot]edu.
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